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Why work with Trisha?

Dreams are only dreams until you put action into your thoughts. Trisha has spent a lifetime gaining knowledge of business through higher education in studies including business marketing, graphic design, and communications, and more importantly from trial and error; having owned and operated various businesses. She has helped countless other people begin the journey of living their business dreams as well.

She creates stunning print material from professional resumes to full color business cards and more in depth projects including professional business plans. As a graphic designer, she creates easy to navigate websites and print material. Living boldly as a creative writer and artist at heart, nothing is done in black and white........ if you enjoy living in the full color spectrum of what life has to offer, she may be the perfect fit to help you achieve your personal and

professional goals.

A business grows one step at a time. You start with the idea about what you want to accomplish, then continue building upon the first step until you turn your business ideas into reality. 

Yes, you can make your business ideas into reality, you just need the steps and support to do so. Hire a professional like Trisha to assist you every step of the way. Look to her as your personal professional business advisor! 

Planning to start a business and discovering what marketing strategies work takes a lot of time to research, develop and implement. Sure, you can accomplish all of it on your own or you can choose to hire someone who has already taken the time to do the footwork necessary to make it happen. Trisha has carefully created planning material to utilize as step-by-step guidelines to compiling your ideas and turning those ideas into a successful business venture.

      Creative Solutions

So, you have a business idea and don't know where to start? I am happy to listen to your details and creatively organize your ideas to help you devise a plan of action. I assertively oversee your project until each goal, plan and dream becomes a reality.

      Business Building

Committed to helping Clients achieve business success on both personal and professional levels. Whether you want a new business proposal or an entire marketing campaign for an existing business, I am happy to help you create & execute that plan.

      Progressive Planning

The best way to know where you are going is to have a map. Let's work together to create the map to your vision, then devise a progressive plan of action!

Initial Check List

  • Business Name
  • Business Plan
  • Tax ID / License / Permit

Creation Check List

  • Business Cards
  • Domain Name
  • Web Site & Hosting
  • Marketing Material
  • Advertising Material

What do I need?

Ongoing Services

  • Business Building Plan
  • Marketing & Ad Plans
  • Website Updates
  • Online Marketing 
  • IT set-up & service
  • Print Material Creations
  • ​Bookkeeping: bill paying, cusomter invoicing, balance statements, P&L & more

Trisha Ferguson